Additional Services

I am pleased to offer you free advice and reputable referrals for other services.


The same applies to your conservation/restoration needs. Whether you are interested in restoring your Old Master painting or your Modernist painting, most conservation studios have specialties just like appraisers and art dealers. If you need a watercolor restored then a conservator who specializes in works on paper is what you need. If you need an oil painting restored, again you would want someone with knowledge in those types of conservation techniques. Sculpture requires a special hand and special knowledge. I am pleased to be able to offer you free advice and referrals to a qualified professional. I do not receive any compensation from the conservation studios for referring you to them. I highly recommend the individuals below:

Mr. Tom Yost - Yost Painting Restoration, Inc. - 203-267-1122
Mr. Tony Alvarez - Alvarez Fine Art - Works on Paper Conservation Specialists - 212-244-5255 
Mr. Simon Parkes - Simon Parkes, Inc. - Painting Restoration - 212-734-3920
Mr. Steve Tatti - S.A.T., Inc. - Sculpture Restoration - 212-867-8866 


There are a number of quality framers in New York City that can assist you with new and/or antique framing as well as restoration of your period frames. Depending upon your needs I will be happy to refer you free of charge to a qualified professional art framer. There is no fee and I do not receive any compensation from the framers for referring you to them.

​Lowy Antique Frames and Restoration is one of the finest framers in the entire world.

​​Ellery H. Kurtz, AAA - American Art Appraisal

Additional Services

I am pleased to offer referrals for additional services as well, such as packing services, trucking services, fine arts insurance brokers, lighting specialists, installation specialists and scholars of the highest caliber that are well known and respected in the field of American Art for research and/or authentications. I highly recommend the individuals below:

Fine Arts Insurance Broker: Mr. Lew Musillo, Senior V.P., The Whitmore Group - 516-267-6121
Fine Arts Installation and individual painting illumination:Mr. Frank Keller - Installation Specialist

212-226-0179 - email:
Decorative Lighting Inc. - Installation of home lighting systems: Mr. Scott Barker - 845-692-5539
Fine Art Transportation -BOB’s Art Delivery Service – Mr. Chuck Feinroth – 201-843-3963