​​Ellery H. Kurtz, AAA - American Art Appraisal


The fee for a written art appraisal is never based upon the value of your art. It is based strictly upon either a set hourly fee or a flat fee required for research and report writing in addition to any travel expenses incurred which is always agreed upon by signed contract prior to the undertaking of any appraisal. A formal written appraisal may require or warrant a personal visit to inspect the artwork.

Two (2) original signed copies of the appraisal with digital images will be furnished upon completion of the report to you and to you only. On request a pdf copy on a flash drive or by email will be made available upon request.

The general amount of time required for each painting or object being appraised is normally 8 - 10 hours. Each work must be individually reviewed, researched and compared to similar works of art either currently on the market with dealers or auctions houses as well as compared to works having been sold in recent years from galleries and auctions. Final evaluations are based upon all the information gathered as well as: historical importance; condition; aesthetic quality; current market conditions and the personal experience/knowledge of the appraiser.

  • An hourly fee of $450 for time spent doing actual inspection, research and report writing.
  • For individual works or large projects a flat fee at a discounted rate can be quoted.  Minimal fee is $4,500.
  • $300.00 per hour for any travel time incurred.
  • Reimbursement of all travel and out of pocket expenses incurred for travel.
  • An advance payment of 50% of the estimated fee and/or expenses is due prior to the commencement of the appraisal inspection.

Payment methods: Personal check, Venmo, Zelle, bank check; certified check and or wire transfer are accepted.  No credit cards.