​​Ellery H. Kurtz, AAA - American Art Appraisal

Back in 1915 - ad for art appraisal

While searching through the JSTOR.org on-line library my attention was pulled to a notice under the publisher's banner from the American Art News Co., Inc., New York from their Vol. 14., No. 9 issue of December 4, 1915.


"We are so frequently called upon to pass upon the value of art works for collectors and estates, for the purpose of insurance, sale, or, more especially to determine whether prior appraisals made to fix the amount due under the inheritance or death taxes are just and correct ones - and so often find that such former appraisals have been made by persons not qualified by experience or knowledge of art, quality or market values, with resultant deception and often over-payments of taxes, etc. - that we suggest to all collectors and executors the advisability of consulting our Bureau of Appraisal either in the first place or for revision of other appraisals.  This Bureau is conducted by persons in every way qualified by experience and study of art works for many years, and especially of market values, both here and abroad; our appraisals are made without regard to anything but quality and values and our charges are moderate - our chief desire being to save our patrons and the public from ignorant, needless and costly appraisal expenditure."
This was so well written that I thought it would be worthwhile to present to everyone visiting my website.  As a Certified Member of the Appraisers Association of America, Inc. I am pleased to see that ethics and logic went hand in hand when performing appraisals even a century ago.